Chinese Studies
Chinese Studies is a hard subject to learn even though I've been doing it for at least 5-6 years now. Last year, I thought I had not improved one bit but this year I think I have improved a bunch more. Now I can prop up a conversation in Chinese about school, where I live, how to say basic sentences like "My I go to the bathroom?" and "May I have a drink of water?". I also have 2 Chinese tutors that come to my house 2 times a week to help me if I need any help. Last year I was in MNN which was way to hard for me- also for the last 3 years I was in MNN so that's probably why I didn't learn as much as I learn in MSL. Not only is MSL easier, I can understand a lot more and I can write a full paragraph in Chinese about being sick. I think I've improved a lot in Chinese Studies.

Art has never been hard for me. A few sketches and blends and you get a masterpiece. I think I was born with the artistic skill. A lot of people in my class dislike Art Class but I really like it. I think Art is a time when you can express your feelings any way you want to. From painting on a piece of paper to constructing a sculpture. The reason I really like art is because you can do anything you feel like- well apart from art class when we have to do a project- although most of them are still really fun. I love bright colors. It really all depends on what type of mood you want the art piece to look like. When I'm sad, and it's time for art, I use colors that aren't so bright like black, gray, brown and maybe even a little blue and purple. It's my style. This is why Art has been one of my all-time favorite subjects throughout my school career.

Music Class is okay, I'm not super excited when it's time to go to music but I don't mind going for it. We learned to play xylophones which are pretty cool instruments. We also sing a lot of cool songs like "Wade in the Water" that was made by Harriet Tubman- at the moment we're also doing our Civil War Unit for Social Studies. We watched a movie on Bach, a famous piano player. I think I'm improving on reading notes when we play the xylophone. I also have a much better singing voice. I love listening to music in general too.


I don't really like P.E but I guess I have to live with it.
I think I'm getting more fit and I'm getting more flexible because I'm stretching a lot at home and at P.E. We had to do continuous running and then do "the plank" for a whole 2 minutes and then run again and do another hard exercise (so on for one hour) until I practically died. We had to do that for 2 days, even though we didn't have to run so fast, I didn't like it, but I did it because I knew I had to get better and build some stamina.

Guidance teaches some good lessons. An interesting thing we did in Guidance class was to see what type of person you are. Meaning, do you use your right side of your brain more or left side. The left side of your brain thinks more logically, strategically and if you use more of your left side then you would probably be good at math- also, you would be a person who doesn't take so many risks, you like to be on the safe side. On the other hand, the right side of the brain is more risky, if your a person who likes Art, Music and English you probably use more of your right side of the brain. I got half and half. Which is a good thing- I'm risky and I love art and English, but I'm also strategical and I'm good in math.

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