Math Unit

Describe what you liked about playing the game Factor Captor.

I think Factor Captor is a neat way of learning the multiples of a number. I helps you learn about some numbers that you never knew had multiples as well as having fun. What I liked about this game was that I learned numbers that had more than two multiples (1 and itself) like fifty-one. It's also a very fun game to play if you want to know the multiples of different numbers.

Explain how making an array might help someone find factors of a number a number.

Suppose you want to know 2 factors of fifty-one. Draw fifty-one circles in rows and columns. You could end up with three rows and seventeen columns (visa versa) or one row and fifty-one columns. Making an array can help.

Look back through journal pages 2-28. What activity or lesson did you enjoy most in this unit and what did you learn from it?

I liked the square numbers. I loved squaring and square rooting numbers. This was a lesson I never knew about. So I learned quite a few things in this unit. This unit was also very fun.

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